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What WE Do

We Offer 4 Types Of Services

We show insurance carriers and their customers the same level of service that we show our family. Utilizing Xactimate integration, we create custom programs to fit the unique needs of each carrier. 

Direct inspect

Let us do the work and load all appropriate information to Xactimate for your adjuster.

Virtual assist

We do the work and then sync directly to the adjuster for onsite review and customer communication.

LaDDer AssiSt

Our trained techs will inspect and review locations that are dangerous or hard to access with the adjuster onsite.

Emergency Services

Stop the damage with emergency deployment to protect from further damage to an insured property.

We are trusted industry leaders.

Patriot Claims Consultants consistently ranks in the top 95th percentile for quality scores from insurance carriers. We don’t just answer the call to serve. We consider each step of the claims process and provide an unmatched experience.

Resolving Unique Client Needs.

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We understand each client’s unique needs and then tailor the claims experience to whatever is most important. We are highly trained and experienced with every facet of the process.

Providing the "Wow" Every Time.

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We are always customer-centric and focus on how we can bring professionalism and clarity into every interaction.

Employing the Very Best.

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If you are a trained insurance claims contractor with a desire to join an expert team, inquire for employment opportunities today.

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Do you hold a background in contracting, adjusting, or other insurance-related positions? Or are you a Military, Fire, Police, or EMT Veteran interested in working outdoors and all over the country? If so, we welcome the opportunity to connect with you. Get started by completing the form below.

Available 'round the Clock

Our emergency services are available at all times to prevent additional damage to an insured property. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We strive for perfection. Second looks are often needed and we will make sure to close the loop on the project. 

People First Philosophy

We focus on the human element of inspections, bringing professionalism into each interaction.


“Every time I have Jacob as my VA vendor, the claim goes really well. He’s professional, courteous and polite to the customer and to me. He’s thorough and precise. I wish that he was my inspector on all my claims.”

Randall Davies

Jonathan was very thorough with his inspection, followed the standard process for inspection and had the photos uploaded within 15 mins of getting done with the inspection. THANK YOU!!!!

Alina Petrov

“Jordan was very professional and thorough with his inspection. He walked me through a few areas that could possibly cause issues further down the road.”

Kallie Fender

“The inspector was thorough, professional and had a smooth flow to his video collaboration. Enjoyed working with him.”

Derrick Thompson

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