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About Us

Patriot Claims Consultants is a national property claims inspection company serving your community since 2005, starting as Patriot Roofing Company. Our consultants are NRAATA (High and Steep) & HAAG certified and proficient in offering safe Ladder Assist inspections for High and/or Steep roofs. Our company evolved with the digital revolution of technology over the years and has expanded to technology-assisted Virtual Inspections that include an interior and exterior full-assessment of storm-related damages. 

We are in the business of safety. We are here to help you with any catastrophe related emergency services, such as tarping and boarding services and roof inspections for commercial and residential properties. We are also here to assist you with any consulting services for any specialized materials and educational training for technicians.

Patriot Claims Consultants is a Better Business Bureau accredited national property claims inspection company. Our Consultants complete comprehensive experiential training and accommodate all quality assurance and customer-centric measures for each insurance provider.

Patriot was established in Houston, TX, and has since relocated its permanent office to the DFW Metroplex area. CEO Jarrod Ham was raised by a self-made entrepreneur who followed the same philosophy for over 60 years! "Take care of my customers today, and I will have customers tomorrow." Patriot Claims Consultants strives to be the most professional, knowledgeable, and dependable consulting firm. 

Our Capabilities 

We are a company made up of highly educated and motivated team members whose mission is to continually achieve excellence in storm-related damage assessments while providing comprehensive and accurate reporting to our clients. 

With over 15 years in the industry, Patriot Claims Consultants offers specialized services to our clients with a background in: 

  • Supply Logistics 
  • Roofing & Restoration 
  • General Contracting 
  • Adjusting 
  • Catastrophe Response and Claims 
  • Ladder Assist  
  • Virtual Interactive On-Site Inspections
  • Emergency Property Damage Services 

Ongoing Education & Development

We take pride in the continuous development of our consultants. We offer comprehensive experiential training and development delivered by our quality assurance team, focused on customer-centricity, ethical business practices, and quality standards to render a flawless experience for our clients. 

Our consultants come with a previous background in roofing, construction & restoration, claims adjusting, and the insurance industry equipping our team with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. All our consultants have the required training and certifications to provide consistent, efficient, and accurate assessments. 

  • HAAG Certified 
  • Xactimate/XactAnalysis Trained  
  • Calibrated by each insurance carrier based on their quality assurance and customer experience measures 

We are an A+ rated company by the Better Business Bureau and will strive to continue to meet this standard. 

Meet Our Sr. Leadership Team

Jarrod Ham, CEO 

Jarrod Ham is CEO of Patriot Clams Consultants and oversees all the operational aspects of the business, vision & strategy, and culture modeling. He has over 16 years of entrepreneurial leadership experience. Prior to launching his second division, Jarrod founded Patriot Roofing Company, a premier full-service roofing, and restoration provider.  

Jarrod’s innate ability to build high-performance teams, including his strategically selected executive management staff, has served as a growth catalyst, and infused productive energy into the workplace. With Jarrod’s leadership and hands-on comprehensive training program, his technicians continue to enrich their knowledge and skills to maintain the highest standards in customer service. 

Caleb Schoonover, COO  

Caleb Schoonover handles all day-to-day management issues related to back-office functions. Caleb manages the daily tasks required to implement the strategic plan of Patriot Claims Consultants, including operational strategies.  

Prior to his promotion, Caleb joined Patriot as a consultant (inspector) in 2018. Caleb's background in business consulting, marketing, and hardware and software, enabled him to design and implement process solutions for the growth and organization of the company. He works directly with the CEO on a daily basis to ensure the smooth function of business operations while constantly identifying process improvements to help Patriot increase its goals. 

Yansi Chavez, National Director of Business Acquisition & Marketing 

Yansi Chavez leads our business acquisition strategies and marketing functions. Yansi creates strategic marketing plans to strengthen business partnerships and nurtures relationships with prospective clients.  

Prior to joining Patriot, Yansi lead various roles over her 10 year tenure at Allstate Ins. Co. in catastrophe claims, vendor management, Diversity & Inclusion, HR, and Talent Acquisition. Throughout her career she has served on many informal and volunteer leadership roles where she refined various processes, cultivated relationships across her network, and designed marketing collateral & communications. 

Eric Thurman, Field Training & Development Manager 

Eric Thurman is the mentor, coach and trainer of all inspectors at Patriot Claims Consultants. He focuses on recruiting top-caliber talent and leads the ramp-up strategy during catastrophe seasons and training & development.  

Eric's well-rounded career in roofing & construction, residential property inspection services and establishing a network within those industries has supported the growth of Patriot Claims Consultants talent. Eric works directly with the CEO.  

Robert Rich, Field Services Manager 

Robert Rich maps out logistics for all market service areas and optimizes inspector schedules to support our clients. Robert evaluates market resources, supports training and development initiatives, and serves as a liaison for our insurance carrier customers and adjusters. 

Robert brings first-hand experience as an inspector and assisted with the development of training programs and deployment insights into new market areas. He brings many years of management and leadership experience supporting Patriot Claims Consultants with all operational field initiatives.  

Wilson Jones, Office Administrator 

Wilson Jones oversees the daily administrative billing & accounts payable procedures. Wilson also coordinates all office activities and operations of Ladder Assist to secure efficiency and compliance to company policies and insurance carrier guidelines.  

 Wilson brings over a decade of administration experience, previously leading as a College Soccer Coach, managing various budgets & expenditures, lead recruiting & retention initiatives, marketing & promotion of athlete programs, and designed on-field strategies to improve team performance. Wilson supports the COO and Operations Manager. 

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