Our Consultants Make Us Who We Are!

 Our Independent claims consultants help drive our team forward. We offer a fast paced work environment with continual education to help further our consultants careers. Tired of the 9-5? Join our team and level up your professional experience. 

About Our Team

Patriot Claims Consultants has evolved over the years to a company known for its efficiency, quality of work, dependability, and unmatched customer-centricity. Since 2005, we have gained the trust of insurance carriers and customers by providing a wide array of inspection and emergency services. 

Our infrastructure is built to support tremendous growth and organized for even more. We are committed to the training and development of our consultants and understand this is more than just a job, it is your livelihood. We take pride in collaborating and learning from each other to provide exceptional service to our clients.  

With the digital revolution in technology, we are focused on continuous innovation, adaptation, and resiliency to the evolving automation and virtual needs of the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry.  

In summary, we are here because we care and consistently provide unbiased quality technical expertise and service. 

" Our infrastructure is built to support tremendous growth and organized for even more "

Jarrod Ham


What we look for in a consultant? 

Looking for top high-caliber talent is not always easy; however, at Patriot Claims Consultants, we also enjoy mentoring professionals seeking to make a career in our industry.  

We focus on the intangible attributes that can't be taught. Our consultants need to naturally understand what it means to be respectful, honest, and trustworthy and be committed to accuracy and integrity while exemplifying an unbreakable strong work ethic. Then we look for the required skillsets, expertise, and experience essential for the work we lead. 

When we identify the talent and recognize potential, we invest in them. Being part of Patriot Claims Consultants means being part of a company that stands for something bigger than just a paycheck. 

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