Emergency Services 

Stop loss with Patriot Claims Consultants Emergency Services

Patriot Claim Consultants can work with carriers in times of need to stop further property damage. Our 24/7 response team can respond in (some cases) less than 1 hour to protect the property. Preventing further loss is a critical endeavor that requires a responsible partner. Let Patriot Claims Consultants be that partner in 24/7 Emergency Response Services.

What You Can Try Before We Arrive

There are a few tips that you can provide the insured to help prevent further damage before we arrive. Small actions go a long way in the prevention of further loss. Fell free to use and give these tips to customers.

How do I handle leaking pipes?

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We always suggest turning the water supply off if the leak is coming from a pipe or wall. There are cases where the water could be coming from the outside of the A/C unit. In that case, the water being turned off would not help, but better safe than sorry.

Do I need a tarp?

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If there is roof damage, it is only natural to want to stop any water from getting inside. It is better to be safe than sorry because water damage can drastically increase the claim size. Wait for a professional to put the tarp in, but if there is water coming inside, use buckets and towels to collect the water.

When should I stay inside?

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Before going outside to evaluate any damage, it is important to check local news to make sure that your geographical area is safe from active storms.  Once outside, watch out for hazards like broken glass and beware of exposed nails.

Other Services

Direct inspect

Let us do the work and load all
appropriate information to Xactimate for your adjuster.

Ladder Assist

Our trained techs will inspect and review locations that are dangerous or hard to access with the adjuster onsite.

Virtual assist

We do the work and then sync directly to the adjuster for onsite review and customer communication

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