Ladder Assist

We will meet you at the job!

At Patriot Claim Consultants, we value time. We are experts at coordinating schedules to make our ladder assist programs one of the most effective and efficient programs in the county. Our certified rope and ladder technicians will be there for you.

Cutting-edge technology and safety equipment offers new and efficient ways to evaluate steep and high pitched roofs.

You can count on us to have the proper safety equipment to access any roof system.


Safety Is A Standard We Live By

Safety is the most important aspect to a good ladder assist program. In the last 5 years, we have reported 0 instances of an injury.  That is credited to the safety and training we provide to all of our technicians. We never go on a roof in the rain and we always take our time at every location. You can not hurry in this line of work.

3 Points of Contact

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When on a ladder, it is important to always keep 3 points of contact. For example 2 hands and 1 foot or 2 feet and 1 hand.

Face the Ladder

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When climbing up or down a ladder, always face the ladder and make sure the ladder feet are securely placed on the ground. Never climb with your back to the ladder.

One at a Time

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Never ever have more than one person on a ladder at any time.  This seems to be basic knowledge but we can not stress enough the importance of this rule.

Other Services

Virtual assist

We do the work and then sync directly to the adjuster for onsite review and customer communication

Direct inspect

Let us do the work and load all
appropriate information to Xactimate for your adjuster.

Emergency Services

Stop the damage with emergency deployment to protect from further damage to an insured property.

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