Virtual Assist

The Future Is Now With Virtual Assist

Every carrier has different needs. With Virtual Assist, we connect the adjuster, claims technician, and customer in real time.  This process often requires a longer stay at the property. The claims technician will inspect the property first and then virtually connect with the adjuster to review and show any property damage. The technician will also provide a direct connection to the insured at the time of the inspection.  We will work with your organization to pilot and launch a specific virtual assist program to meet your needs.

Why Develop a Virtual Assist Program?

With the reality of face-time communication being main stream, the insurance claims business is no different. At Patriot Claims Consultants, we have the experience to help assist carriers in the virtual development and deployment of running claims. We completed over 10,000 virtual assists in 2020, making us an industry leader in this feature. 

People First Philosophy

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We want to enable your adjusters to have the opportunity to meet face to face with the customer filing the claim. By integrating virtual technology, we can ensure this level of connection which increases the customer experience.

Increased Visibility

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With Virtual Assist you can see all of the pictures and review damaged areas for additional visual clarity and to ensure the proper claim gets filled.

Keeping Businesses Moving Forward.

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With the rapid change in communication, digital meetings have exploded onto the scene. This saves valuable time while enabling business proceedings.  Virtual Assist is an insurance claims solution that establishes a personal connection, even without meeting in person directly.

Other Services

Direct inspect

Let us do the work and load all
appropriate information to Xactimate for your adjuster.

LaDDer Assist

Our trained techs will inspect and review locations that are dangerous or hard to access with the adjuster onsite.

Emergency Services

Stop the damage with emergency deployment to protect from further damage to an insured property.

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