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We revolutionize the way our consultants (inspectors) interact with customers. Our success has been driven through quality assurance, customer rapport, and superior service. 

Browse real customer compliments below. 

Every time I have Jacob as my VA vendor, the claim goes really well. He's professional, courteous and polite to the customer and to me. He's thorough and precise. I wish that he was my inspector on all my claims.  

Jonathan was very thorough with his inspection, followed the standard process for inspection and had the photos uploaded within 15 mins of getting done with the inspection. THANK YOU!!!! 

Jordan was very professional on the call and from the interaction I heard with him and the customer. He was upfront with me that he wasn't quite sure where the leak was coming from, and allowed me to take extra time in trying to determine the point of leak on the roof. Thanks, Jordan! 

Detailed, very thorough, helpful with explanation and expertise. Great job! 

Was very thorough,  well organized, patient and took direction for deeper leak investigation well.    

Good morning, Cristin!  I just wanted to give kudos to one of the Patriot Roofing LA guys.  I was with him on 2 claims yesterday.  I have worked with him previously... 

His name is Rob Murdoch.  He has always been very cordial, eager to please and very thorough in his inspections. He does the ground level inspection for collateral damage and is engaged right from the get go.  He is fearless on steep roofs and very organized in how he documents the damages.  He is actually an ex-staff adjuster... 

Please forward these kudos to both Patriot Roofing and Rob, as well. 

Yes, Brian and Orlando were both excellent, they are great representatives of your company. They were on time, friendly, and thorough. No one wants their home to be damaged and you could tell they actually cared and wanted to help as best as they could. Happy to be an Allstate customer at the moment. 

Shea was very professional during the inspection process. He did not mind going back and taking a second look at property when I requested it. Shea was efficient and great to work with. 

Jeremy was very professional and courteous to the insured. When asked to do a brittleness test, he did so with no hesitation and did it correctly which is something I don't see a lot of from our inspectors. Great job  

To whom it may concern, 

I just wanted to write and say thank you again Jarrod for your assistance today. Jarrod every time I work with you or your team members I feel that we are on the same page(trust). To us adjuster and that means a lot, because in the situation where we cannot get on the roof we trust you to make an educated call for damages, and be able to back it up with more details when you get on the ground. Today, during our supplement inspection, we both knew that we were going to have a difficult conversation at the end of the inspection. The original adjuster found minimal and questionable exterior damage and then on the roof paid for damages that you and I agree should not have been called, but what’s done is done. Jarrod, you went above and beyond when assisting me in giving the insured in-depth details of their roof condition and explaining hail damage to the insured. Not only were the insured extremely satisfied with what you had to say, but  I personally learned from you! I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to stick around! I know you guys are busy too, and every minute counts! So for the 1000th time THANK YOU! 

Jordan was very professional and thorough with his inspection. He walked me through a few areas that could possibly cause issues further down the road.  

The inspector was thorough, professional and had a smooth flow to his video collaboration.  Enjoyed working with him. 

I just wanted to make both of you aware that one of our Field Managers was very complimentary about Eric. He stated that he worked with him while he was in TX and also in MN. He stated he was knowledgeable, thorough and did well on tile roofs. 

Yes, Andrew and his assistant Orlando provided excellent, highly competent and professional service. They are definitely strong assets for Allstate and customers of Allstate like me. They were prompt, knowleadgeable, and thorough. I hope I can find a contractor that's even half as good! Definitely impressed and grateful for their time and helpful expertise! 

I just wanted to give you guys some feedback on a LA in the DFW area. His name is Anthony with Patriot and he is fantastic. He is very thorough, takes great pictures, addresses all damages and components, and gives a clear explanation of his inspection. He also was running late for an inspection and had the courtesy to call ahead and let me know as well as send me text updates on his ETA.  One of the best LA’s I have ever worked with. 

I spoke to the insd he was very pleased with Joshua Stocker from the minute he was assigned all the way through issuing the payment. The insured wanted to let Allstate know Joshua was understanding, knew exactly what he had to do and was very thorough. Explained the claim process step by step!! 

Kenneth was very nice and professional. no issue with VA tool roof was steep and high Kenneth had not issue provided damage photos of roof from all angles 

I’ve been working in the Rochester, NY area lately and I just wanted to tell you about a particular Ladder Assist that has been tremendously professional and a pleasure to work with. He has always been prompt and accommodating. What I’d really like to share with you is the compliments he’s received on a couple of ERI surveys that came back to our team with very high marks. I believe he played a large role in receiving these great surveys. Please forward my thanks to his management team. 

Vendor began inspection on ground at my request.  Vendor was thorough and accommodating.  Good demeanor as well

Outstanding service!, very thorough with their inspection. They where patient and worked well with our contractor.